Removing A Palm Tree – Costs And Procedures

green-palm-tree-Palm trees are a beautiful and attractive part of your landscaping plans right up until the day you decide they have to go. Once you’ve taken that step, it’s time to start thinking about ripping those palms out. This is usually a job for professionals. Curious about how much it’s going to cost to take out your palm trees? Read on to learn more.
Transplanting Live Trees

In certain circumstances, you may want to consider transplanting palm trees. They could be headed either to other parts of your property or off somewhere else. The important thing to understand is that palm trees are rarely transplanted if they’ve grown over 20 feet tall; it’s simply easier to grow fresh trees than to move such an unwieldy plant.

Younger, smaller palms – e.g. those that are 10 feet or less – can be moved on your own. You’ll need to water them thoroughly to drench their roots systems with moisture and dig down in a circle wide enough to preserve a root ball at least three feet in diameter. (Larger trees will need bigger root balls) To move palms that are over 10 feet tall, consult with a professional arborist.
Factors Affecting Removal Costs

Cutting down palm trees is another matter entirely. For a start, it’s a job that should not be tackled by amateurs unless the palm is minuscule – well under 20 feet. Palms are hefty and hard to control, so larger trees are rarely filled from the base. Instead, they’re cut in sections starting from the top, with each piece roped down safely as it’s removed.

The added labor involved in removing a palm this way can add dramatically to the cost of cutting it down. This is why removing large palms is significantly more expensive than taking down other types of trees. Make sure you check with your arborist about the cost of sectioning the trunk if your palm tree is taken down whole. Some companies include this service along with feeling, but others charge extra for it. Stump grinding is also usually extra, and this can cost up to $300 depending on the size of the root system.
Pricing Via Height

While final costs are going to vary based on your region and the specifics of your palm tree removal, as a general rule of thumb you can expect prices to climb steadily as tree heights do. Removing a tree that’s under 30 feet tall shouldn’t cost more than $500 unless the job is exceptionally complex. Similarly, most palm trees that are between 30 and 75 feet should cost no more than $1000 to remove. Giant palms that push past this mark are difficult to price sight unseen, and the final cost of removing the biggest trees can be over $1,500.
Taking down a palm tree can be a complicated job, especially when you need to remove an exceptionally old and well-developed tree. The most efficient way to do the work is virtually always to entrust it to a professional arborist with plenty of experience dealing with palms. The right company will be able to remove your tree safely, rapidly, and affordably.