Tree Pruning

Companies that specialize in tree pruning services often receive calls throughout the year requesting pruning services. But these experts have the knowledge that when it comes to pruning certain times of the year are best. Also, these experts are also experienced in the fact that pruning at certain times in a year will have various effects on different types of trees.

What To Expect With Tree Pruning During Different Seasons

Trees can sustain damage from the elements such as storms that occur through the year. When a part or branch of trees fall, it is vital that the tree receives pruning and is cleaned up as soon as possible. This is because it is necessary for this tree so that it can go about healing itself and continue to grow. Also, broken and cracked branches are dangerous and homeowners would not want trees or branches to fall down on their homes, family members or vehicles.

Pruning trees during the season of winter are the ideal method to make sure there is a burst of vigorous growth during the springtime. However, it is always best to hold off any pruning until such stage that the hard-freezes have all passed.

Pruning a tree in the summer months has the opposite effect. When removing branches, growth slows down because the active leaves have been removed. In fact, it decreases the amount of photosynthesis that occurs and therefore reduces the ability of the tree to produce food for itself as well as keep on growing.

Tree Pruning Promotes Flower Production

For the shrubs and the trees that grow flowers, it is very possible to encourage additional flower production through careful pruning. If the tree happens to flower in the mid part of to the late summer, the plants should be pruned in winter or early spring. If the shrubs or trees bloom in the previous part of the year, experts will prune these plants directly after the flowers have fallen or begin to fade. By paying attention to the various pruning and blooming schedules will guarantee more vigorous blooms the next season.

Autumn is the period where pruning must always be avoided. This is because plants and trees have a hard time when it comes to recovering. Also, the fall is the time when fungi release most of the spores. When these decaying spores get into the tree limbs, the healing process is slowed down which can result in diseases inside the tree. When autumn arrives, it is always advisable to wait until the following year to prune, unless the tree needs to be trimmed due to safety issues.

Tree pruning involves expertise and knowledge on when the ideal time is to conduct such services. For these reasons as well as more it is always the wisest choice to always contact an experienced and reputable tree pruning business to remove damaged as well as overgrown trees. These services offer homeowners a way to enjoy their gardens all through the year.